Innova has extensive experience predominately in the transport sectors of rail and road for vehicles and associated infrastructure. The use of technology in transport is rapidly increasing both in the traditional communications, control and public interface systems and in the emerging Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The evolution toward autonomous vehicle operation presents new challenges that demand INNOVAtion of past solutions for greater resiliency, integration and services supporting improved operations, data driven decisions, asset management and user experiences. Innova has successfully integrated advanced technology into safety critical environments of rail networks, finding the optimal balance of value-for-money and innovation to make sure we provide the best solutions for our customers.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure provides services that are essential for everyday life such as energy, food, water, transport, communications, health, banking and finance. Secure and resilient infrastructure supports productivity, and helps to drive the business activity that underpins economic growth. A disruption to critical infrastructure could have serious implications for business, governments and the community, impacting supply security and service continuity.
Innova is very familiar with the growing recognition of the criticality of infrastructure during normal and degraded situations, having worked with governments and operators to consider infrastructure in its normal use and its role during times of traditionally unrelated duress. Critical infrastructure must not only function in adverse situations but also needs to be able to indicate and assure its ability to support continued use, particularly at the heightened need to protect the infrastructure from cyber security threats as more systems become interconnected. Infrastructure INNOVAtion and intelligence is not only a key to future operation, but imperative during novel duress circumstances where continued operation is needed in adverse conditions.

Emergency services

The role of Police and Emergency Services continues to require an increased ability to analyse and communicate reliably and securely between themselves, supporting first responders and the public in the face of adverse circumstances. Enhanced situational awareness envisions real-time access, collection and distribution of information concerning threats, hazards and conditions on the network in a manner tailored to public safety operations.
Incident coordination and the protection of all on-scene is paramount, which can only be achieved by leveraging the technological advancements emerging from smart vehicles, smart cities and smart infrastructure.

Police and Emergency Services need to INNOVAte by leveraging surrounding technological advancements to ensure safe and effective response and recovery for all incidences which Innova has had first hand involvement in as part of the roadmap development of the national Public Safety Mobile Broadband (PSMB) solution in Australia.