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Our engineering and consulting business is focused on providing support and solutions that leverage positive whole of life outcomes for our clients.

Innova Communications Australasia Pty Ltd (“Innova”), we focus on building trusted client relationships and take pride in delivering engineering best practice based on fearless, independent advice and professional services in a framework of ethical principles and professional practice.


Lisa Smith


Lisa Smith


Meet the Team

A team of executive and technical specialists

A team of executive and technical specialists

Rudy Tadros

Principal Advisor

Telecommunications and Systems Engineering

Barry Hedley

Principal Advisor

Senior Associate
Risk, Safety and

Paul Harris

Principal Advisor

Senior Associate
Telecommunications and Operational Systems

Our Values

Our values underpin the way we work. They guide us in achieving our goals of delivering successful project outcomes through smart thinking and engineering capabilities, and providing future-focused, connected and sustainable infrastructure solutions.


Innova has an absolute commitment to safety in all of our services and is proud to have highly experienced specialists that provide safety advice internationally and in Australia.


Our services are underpinned by a foundation of quality, and this is reflected in our staff, who are well versed in ISO 9001 standard, and deliver our services using a systematic approach and international best practice.


Our consultants are carefully selected for their professionalism, honesty and transparency. As industry experts, they are held accountable and ready to have the “tough” conversations to make informed, fact- based decisions and recommend appropriate action.


Innova invests in a sustainable and long-term relationship with its clients and achieves asset portfolio performance, asset management maturity and return on investment outcomes through all its engagements.


We appreciate the different types of organisational cultures and stakeholder needs. Our experience with our diverse client base has taught us how to adapt to each clients’ unique requirements and engage effectively for a successful cultural fit. We believe in fairness and gender equality enshrined in our culture.


Innova is committed to continual improvement, advancing technology, transport development & integration, and sustainable transport solutions with a goal to deliver value for money and technical excellence.


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