Project Background

The Victorian rail network is underpinned by their control systems operating out of Metrol. At the time, the Department of Infrastructure and the rail operator identified a service and business continuity risk in the absence of a fully replicated operational disaster recovery control centre.


How Innova Helped

Train Control Disaster Recovery Centre Following Innova’s successful design and implementation of communications and train control systems at Metrol, the Melbourne Metropolitan train control centre as result of the Jolimont
relocation Project in 1999-2000, Innova was contracted to undertake the turnkey design, development and implementation of the train control, operational control systems and telecommunications systems required for a new $20m Disaster Recovery Centre (Melbourne), between 2006-2008 the first facility of this type for the rail operator. Due to the requirement to seamlessly integrate with existing legacy systems and operational environments a key challenge was managing the implementation of technologies at the end of their lifecycles and
some with limited vendor support.

Achieved Outcomes

The project was successfully delivered in time and budget with Innova subsequently invited to support successive upgrade and expansion projects to the facility and systems over the next 10 years as part of life cycle management and support of network growth and expansion. This system directly continues to contribute to the efficient operation of the rail network and the ability of the operators to quickly respond to service disruptions resulting in successful business and services continuity for the complex Melbourne Metropolitan Railway Network.


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